Solar Product

We at Sunbeam aim to create our nation free of energy related problems. Solar energy is free, abundant and renewable energy. Our best solar systems have been useful to many clients.

Rooftop PV Solar Systems - This plant is basically a small power plant at your roof. These systems use less space and they are cost-effective also. If your house or business has an unused roof , then that can be used to install a Rooftop solar project which in turn might be useful to generate electricity for a whole company unit. The energy generated by PV modules of solar is converted to AC power by inverter which is connected to the power grid. There are three types of Rooftop Solar Systems.

  • Grid - Tied System - This system is connected to the utility meter at the distribution box. It uses an inverter which has a provision of matching the grid-supply, using sensors. It reduces the total power consumption.
  • Off - Grid System - This system is independent of the power grid. It has a special battery backup to store excessive electrical which has been stored during the day time and it uses it in night time when solar energy is not available. This is useful for remote locations.
  • Hybrid System - This system is a combination of Grid-Tied and Off- Grid systems. It is a grid connected to a PV(Photovoltaic) System with a battery backup. This is useful for malls and commercial parks.

MW Plants - A solar power plant with a 1MW or more capacity is called a ‘ Power Station or a Energy Generating station. These power plants provide electricity in large amounts. The plant can power any company independently.

These power plants need larger space, a great investment , connectivity and EPC(engineering, procurement, and construction). For this, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and state agencies are also providing subsidies on solar.

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